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MRS LABORATORY & MEDICAL SUPPLIES LLC is a leading supplier of Sophisticated Scientific Instruments like Transmission Electron Microscopes,Scanning electron microscopes, Ion Beam Instruments, Mass Spectrometers,NMR spectrometers & EDXRF. We are the leader in laboratory supplies in UAE. We cater to each and every laboratory equipment with product ranges that includes Analytical equipments,Petroleum, Oil & Lubricant testing equipments, Grease & Fuel Testing Equipments, Failure Analysis, Material Science Testing & various other instruments for Research Universities & Forensic science Laboratories and Quality control in U.A.E, Oman & Erbil, Iraq.Through our experience in Laboratory sector, we undertake turn key Laboratory projects like laboratory design,supply, installation & Commissioning for Research & Development, Forensic Laboratories & Universities.Also we provide complete Laboratory solutions for Industries like Chemical industry,Desalination plants,Sewage treatment plants such as Lubricant, Oil, Grease, Fuel Testing & Water and Waste Water Analysis. In each of these areas, MRS represents leading world-renowned manufacturers and suppliers.Our staffs are well equipped for assisting the clients for equipment selection, install and commission the equipment and provide warranty services. Warranty services can be comprehensively handled independently or with key principal partners based on nature of the job.


MRS’s mission is to excel as the premier global source of instruments to meet individual customer needs within the scientific and engineering communities by providing complete solutions, innovative products, professional technical assistance, and high competitive price. Being to become a leader in our Industry, we earn our customers’ loyalty by operating our business according to industry best-practices and maintaining the highest standards of governance, compliance and integrity. We are committed to fulfill our business partners’ demands by building strong technical and marketing team, producing effective marketing tools and strategy, and committing to ethical business practice


We maintain a customer-centric operation and insist to know our customers better. We understand that our success is identical with the loyalty of our customers; this business philosophy is implanted in the culture and encouraged through the commitment of management, supervisors and front-line employees to preserve service quality that consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations.

By structuring a solid foundation built on various industries, Research Institutes & Government Departments, compliance and internal controls, we conduct the business with complete transparency. We perform regular departmental sales analysis to review the individual performance additionally annual accounting audit is performed to certify the financial stature of the Company.

We increase our market share by developing existing markets and penetrating into new growthareas.

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